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Our Mission
Our History

            We aim to provide quality work at reasonable prices. MarinIS believes that we achieve this goal through a combination of solid work ethic, ethical professional practices, a well educated workforce, and years of experience.

On Ethics:
            MarinIS does not believe that it is moral to waste a client’s time. Although there is a fine line between profitability and speed, we always strive to finish our work in a timely fashion, and we never overcharge our time. MarinIS believes the practice of wasting a client’s time and then billing for it is not only unprofessional and untrustworthy, it is also wrong. We also aim to follow the strict guideline of the law in all our professional affairs. MarinIS believes that the client need not worry about the legal ramifications of hiring consultants to support their IT needs.

On Competitors:
            A client will never hear MarinIS speak poorly about another consultant. In today’s technical world, there are several different methods of achieving the same result. Simply because another consultant chose to accomplish something in a way that we would not does not mean that their decision was in any way incorrect or that they are in some way inferior. Degrading your competitors is an unprofessional and dishonest practice, and we refuse to take part in it. Officially, MarinIS believes that all consultants in our area are excellent professionals and we are honored to be counted among them.

On Communication:
            Despite the cliché, at MarinIS, we believe that communication is key. We try to answer emails as fast as possible, and we have an emergency line for 24/7 direct access to either Sean or Stephen for issues requiring immediate attention. These lines of communication facilitate reliability, we are easy to get in contact with, and we can be depended on to be onsite whenever the situation requires it, in a timely fashion. MarinIS can truly be the total IT solution.

On the Computer Industry:
            We at MarinIS love our job. The IT industry is dynamic, fast paced, interesting, exciting, and extremely vital to today’s businesses. We take pride in out work, knowing that without a strong IT foundation, most businesses today would cease to function. MarinIS is positioned in the Bay Area, a hotbed of technology and business. This positioning allows us to further our skills in a wide variety of business structures, so we are always prepared for any new challenges that come our way.

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